Monday, May 29, 2017


A Message from the Kindergarten Teacher

Welcome to Kindergarten at Our Lady of Refuge School!

If you are the parent, grandparent, or friend of a child who is currently in Kindergarten, or is almost ready for Kindergarten, then you know that they have reached a wonderful, magical moment of openness, readiness, and eagerness for learning. It is our goal to facilitate this learning and encourage each child’s growth, spiritually, academically and socially.  We consider it our privilege to work toward the development of a Kindergarten community in which each student is able to experience the joy of contributing to the common good and the satisfaction of using their gifts and talents in the service of others. We recognize that we all make mistakes---it's how we learn.  We all want to be able to say, "I'm sorry" and start again, to be able to forgive each other and ourselves as God forgives us. Our commitment to this life-long learning process, and to our school wide PeaceBuilders program, is the basis for our classroom discipline policies.

Our Kindergarten day includes daily prayer, lessons drawn from the study of Scripture, and lessons concerning God’s love for each of us as individuals and as members of our families, our school family, our church family and the family of the world.  We have daily lessons in phonics, reading readiness, math, social studies, science, and P.E. Each day, we spend time in our computer lab working in the Writing to Read program, and we make good use of the wonderful computers in our classroom.  Art and music are a part of every Kindergarten day and we have two formal music classes each week.  “Free play”, which includes painting, blocks, dress up, games, puzzles, etc., rounds out our days and teaches us the art of cooperation.

As you know, Kindergarten children love routine, repetition and games. Please read to your Kindergarten age child as often as possible.  It is the single most important factor in helping children become successful readers! Make a game of practicing skills such as  rhyming, identifying numbers and letters, identifying letter pairs (upper and lower case letters with the same name, Aa), and identifying letter sounds. Use environmental print (billboards, street signs, product names, etc.) to reinforce these skills.  Ask your child questions and answer theirs; listen to them and expect them to listen to you; pray with your child, and teach them to listen for God who is always present in their lives.

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