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Fifth Grade

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A Message from Nancy Zipperian, Fifth Grade Teacher


5th grade is a very exciting year, most children are starting to realize who they are and who they want to become. It is a year when most children realize the effort they need to put into their education to achieve their most challenging goals. The central theme carried out in 5th grade is tolerance. Through our curriculum we focus on the appreciation for various people, understanding others' ideas, and realizing each others' differences. Below is a list of each 5th grade subject and a brief overview of our curriculum.

Language Arts: (includes Reading , English, Writing, and Spelling)


This is a subject where we really focus and spend most of our time. We continue to emphasize comprehension, while taking it a step forward and really learning how to criticize and analyze.

Text Book: Houghton Mifflin

Novels: See Reading List

Reading Program: Accelerated Reader (see attached Information)


This is a very important subject that takes us from nouns, to verbs, to adjectives and more! In 5th grade we focus on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and Capitalization.


Text Book: Houghton Mifflin English Series



Along with Reading , Writing is another central focus in 5th grade. We really concentrate on organization and finding a focus in our writing. As you will see below, we do at least one writing activity in every subject.

Writing Program: Writing Traits

Major Writing Projects in Language Arts: Personal Narrative, Persuasive Essay, and Research Report.


Through this subject we focus on word recognition, vocabulary, and concept development. Each child is expected to take a Spelling Pre-test every Monday morning. On the following Friday they will be tested. At this level they are expected to spell the word and memorize a definition for each word (they are given definitions at the beginning of the week).


In this subject we are recognizing and learning Scriptures that pertain to our sacraments. We dig into each sacrament finding it’s true meaning, signs, and symbols. We also focus on our Catholic Faith, this includes acknowledging attitudes, actions, and moral decisions. At this level the children begin to become aware of the need for reaching out to other people and showing positive actions.

Text Book: Faith First

Projects: Contemporary Stations of the Cross


Text Book: Saxon


In this subject there is a focus on Number Sense (estimating, identifying place value, identifying prime and composite numbers, the least/greatest common multiple, word problems, fractions, etc). We also learn basic Algebra and Functions (equations, coordinates, linear functions, graphs, etc). And finally we learn and understand Measurement, Basic Geometry, Statistics, Probability, and Mathematical Reasoning. Children are tested every 5 lessons (once a week).

Social Studies


5th grade is a VERY important year when discussing History. Together as a 5th grade class we investigate, analyze, and question what made explorers come to our great continent, what technology they used, and who in the end won what we call our home, The United States of America!!! We also analyze and discuss what happen during the colonial time, the events that lead to the Revolutionary War, and eventually how we wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Text Book: Houghton Mifflin

Projects: Explorer Project, 50 States Test, State Oral Report.

Projects: Explorer Project, 50 States Test, State Oral Report.


In this subject we are taken through 3 major units. We look at Physical Science to learn different elements and how their combinations account for all the varied types of matter in the world. We also learn about Life Science, examining plants and animals and our human bodies. We focus on their structures for respiration, digestion, waste disposal, and transporting of materials. Finally we look into Earth Science which includes water on Earth, properties of rocks and minerals, and our Solar System.

Text Book: Discovery Works

Projects: Create your own Island , Solar System


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